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The Sabella Tidal Turbine

Date: October 27, 2013 at 18:27 GMT

The Sabella Project consists in the development and testing at sea of a novel type of submarine tidal turbine. The technology is characterized by a robust design able to withstand the harsh conditions prevailing in the open sea. It is particularly suited to
exploit the tidal currents existing along the English Channel. The turbine concept has been simplified as much as possible in order to limit the need for maintenance. The structure does not include any part visible on the sea surface. This reduces the sensitivity to the wave action and the potential problems with the navigation. The installation method is devised with special means adapted for this unusual operation
A first step of the development was the study, construction and test at sea of a 3m diameter demonstrator. The project received the support of the Région Bretagne and other financial bodies. The Sabella demonstrator was immerged in the Odet estuary during spring 2008. The main features of the project and the first results obtained are presented.

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